Bowl Jam Go HAM 2June 18, 2015

July 18th grab your scooter and head to Battleground Washington for Bowl Jam Go Ham 2! This year’s excitement couldn't get any higher due to the new venue. Battleground Skate Park is one the nation’s best parks and for the first time since the Razor Exposed Tour, an epic competition will take place. The Harvest Days Festival and local shop NW Ambush have brought us together for a day of fun with your family friends and neighbors. We'll see who's stayed on their A game with some high thrill tricks and combos!


Start Time: The park will be open to freestyle scooters only from 9AM on.  At 1 pm is the beginner class will begin. Please note there is a parade at 10am-12. 

Parking: The skate park has parking but it is an important to note during the festival parking will be taken up quickly. 10am-12, main street leading up to the park will closed for a parade.

Address:  912 E Main St, Battle Ground Wa 98604

Classes: Beginner Class &  Amateur Class

Entry Fee: $20 Pre-Registration. Note: Day of registration will be $30.00 

Registration Table will be open from 9AM-2PM

Park Availability: The Bowl Section will be used for the competition. The rest of the park will be reserved for a scooters only.  

Waiver: Yes, all participants in the competition must have a completed and signed waiver. Minors must have their legal guardians sign their waiver.


Helmet: Participants must wear helmets.

Pro Invite Contest: Our event promoters are contacting the Pros for the main event from an established roaster. If you're interested in competing pro please email  


Athletes are grouped into riding HEATS of 4-5 riders. As the contest progresses, each HEAT of riders goes in order as BEG riders are given 20 seconds each, AM riders 30 seconds each. When a rider’s turn comes, they have the course to themselves for the allotted time, quickly transitioned from rider to riders the HEATS rotate through 2 or 3 times. Each rotation, the riders are given an individual score with the lowest score being dropped. The remaining two scores are added together to produce a ranking of the top riders FROM ALL THE HEATS! Finalist are regrouped among themselves and finals takes place repeating the format.

Judged on

USE OF THE COURSE- Show us you can use the park.

TRICKS LANDED- Show us tricks of your classes level. PLEASE NOTE: If the judges evaluate a rider’s  performance and find it should be in a higher class, we reserve the right to bump up competitors.

FLOW ( Speed)- We want to encourage riding confidence; comfortable riders can cruise the course at a good consistent speed.

VARIETY – Show us a variety of tricks.

CLEAN OR SKETCHY- Plain and simple.

A 10 POINT scale is used.

Hope to see everyone July 18th!

Enjoy last year's video from D Block